Buying from Skyway

Skyway Model Shop
Address:  12615 Renton Ave S. Seattle, WA 98178
Phone: (206) 772-1211
Fax: (206) 772-0721

The best way to buy from Skyway is to show up at the shop! If you've never been, we have a driving Map available. If driving isn't an option you can email us at with your basic order or fill out our fax form and fax it into us. All orders are treated as inquiries of availability as we don't update our online catalogue every day. As orders are recieved we pull the kits off the shelf and will hold them for up to two weeks . We will total the order up and figure out the shipping based on your location. For the most part we ship at cost to domestic and foreign orders, so we charge you what we pay for the shipping, no excess handling charges!

If you are ordering from overseas, try this nifty Currency Converter to get an approximation of what your order will total in your local curency. We ship via the US Postal service and pull our quotes for shipping rates from their page linked to below.